So you’ve been accepted into University, now what? Sorting out your accommodation is key. Many Universities offer placement in halls for at least your first year, but what if you want to live off campus? Here’s some options to consider when choosing a property to let for University;

Expenses – Check what is included in your rent and what is not. Bills such as electricity, water, council tax, tv and internet, parking permits and any other costs. Additional costs can include booking fees and deposits. Our properties in Lincoln for example all include Virgin broadband, a tv license for the lounge, and household bills included in the rental costs.

All the extra costs will factor in to how much you will be able to spend on your accommodation. Ask for a list of costs upfront so you won’t be surprised by any bills or fees.

Location – Is it close enough for you to commute to your classes? Do you need a car to commute or are you able to walk? Finding a location that suits your needs is key, while some people love living right near campus, others may opt to live a bit further out in quieter areas.

If you don’t have a car, living further away isn’t always an option, so you should look at the different neighbourhoods within walking distance or short bus rides away from your University. At City Lets Lincoln all of our properties are close to the centre and University so you will have an easy commute to your classes.

The Property – Do you want to live on your own or share? While sharing a property is often more economical, some people want their own space. Make sure the property is right for you, are there communal areas or only bedrooms?

If you want to be more social choose a property with a shared kitchen and living room so you have the option of socialising should you choose. Many of our properties to let in Lincoln are shared propertied, but we do have a few single occupancy.

Furnished or Non-Furnished – If you don’t want to furnish a whole bedroom while renting, look for properties that are already furnished. Many include beds, desks, chairs and more. This is great if it is your first time living away from home and you a) don’t want to buy a lot of expensive furniture straight away b) not sure where you will be living in the future and don’t have anywhere to store your furniture once you move out.

Alternatively, if you do have your own furniture, most places that offer their property furnished can also offer it unfurnished so that you can bring your own possessions.

As we are a family run business at City Lets Lincoln, we can work with you to find you the best accommodation for your upcoming academic year.