We are often asked questions about our student accommodation in Lincoln so the section below provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What’s the difference private let accommodation and student accommodation?

There is no real difference. All our properties are provided to a good standard. The private let properties tend to be further away from the college and university in Lincoln. However if a student prefers the private accommodation then we are happy to let private accommodation to students.

Can I stay for the summer or come before term starts?

Contracts generally start either from 1 July or 14 July depending on the refurbishment requirements of the particular student house. Therefore you are welcome to use the property from the contract date. Thus means if you want to come before term starts you will have access to your property to enable you to do this. Contracts end on 30 June each year.

Can students stay on in the student accommodation after completing their studies as a working person?

You are more than welcome to stay in the student house after graduating. As a working person you will need to contribute towards the rates.

Is City Lets Lincoln actually run by us?

Yes. We are a family business and things are organised or done by us personally. We take you around the property, complete any inspections, sort out any issues and undertake the final inspection of the property with you. As a local, family business we are on hand to help you and to ensure that your stay in our student accommodation in Lincoln is as comfortable and safe as possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email enquiries@cityletslincoln.co.uk or phone on 01427 787738.

We are here to help.