Whether you are moving into university halls or into a rented home, if it is your first time living there it’s likely to feel a bit empty. Decoration tends to be simple, and furniture basic.

You could choose to live the minimalist lifestyle from now on, but if you’d like to make your rented accommodation feel more like a home then read on for our top tips.

Many tenancy agreements don’t allow large redecorating jobs like painting the walls, putting up wallpaper or changing or adding fitted furniture/shelves. However, there’s plenty you can do to make things more homely without upsetting your landlord.

A reminder of home

Take something from home that will remind you of your family and friends there. It could be a picture in a frame for your bedside table, a scented candle you love, or your favourite mug. It’s also worth remembering not to go overboard though. You will make lots of new memories at university and probably end up with lots of extra stuff. With space at a premium in most student digs, you don’t want to be buried before the school year even starts.

A cosy blanket

A cosy blanket draped across your bed can give a splash of colour to your room, as well as giving you something warm to snuggle up in in winter. This is especially important if you are in a part of the country that is cooler than you are used to.

A plant

Not only does a plant provide more oxygen for the room (great for studying) but it’s also a living thing. A bit of greenery can make your space feel fresher and more alive.

A rearrangement

If your room is large enough, you might want to move the furniture to suit you better. If having the desk at the window will distract you, move it to face the wall. Bear in mind that you will need to avoid damaging anything, and you may need to place things back in their original position before you move out.

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Photo by Grant on Unsplash