We all know that every student’s top priority at university should be studying, but if you feel like you’re able and want to get more out of university than your education there are a lot of ways to get involved.

There are countless ways to meet new friends, have new, fulfilling experiences and to help prepare you for life after university. Here are some to consider:

Whether you have a burning passion for something or you would like to try something new, there are loads of societies to join at Lincoln. There are often weekly meetings and some have extra events and trips. It’s a good way to find friends with similar interests and have a whole host of fun opportunities.

With dozens of sporting clubs to choose from at Lincoln you are sure to find something to your taste. Sports can help to keep you fit and healthy, meet new friends and build a sense of camaraderie.

If you want something to add to your CV, are interested in meeting like-minded people or just want to give back to the community, you could consider volunteering in Lincoln. It’s not just charity shops that need help, there are a wide variety of opportunities out there in a range of different roles so choose one that suits your strengths, or even one that will challenge you to become better at something. From fundraising to lending a hand with administrative tasks you are sure to find something good to help out a worthy cause.

Part time job
As well as the obvious benefit of adding some funds to your bank account, having a part time job can look great to a future employer. It shows you are disciplined, hardworking and able to manage your time. It’s a big commitment to take on while you are studying, so think carefully before taking it on, but if you can manage it, the rewards can be great!